Super Mario Day

Hello all you lovely people of Yoors.
Today is "Super Mario Day". Today marks 4 years since we lost our dad.

Earlier this month I decided to open up about my dad's battle with cancer, about how it drove me to depression and what a long journey it was to accept it. I then started the supermario pool and asked you to post anchors as this is something that reminds me of my dad... and Oh My Goodness, did you deliver.

I was so deeply touched by everyone's entries, we had photos, we had drawings, we had poems, we had abstract art. I loved how everyone delivered something in true form, from how they usually post on Yoors.

We also had so many people share stories about their loved ones that are no longer with us. We could feel the care and we could feel the compassion.

Last night as I started getting ready for bed, I thought about all of you and all that took place here through supermario and decided to put this slideshow together with your pictures, poems, messages.

If I missed anyone, I sincerely apologise. I followed the hashtag and hopefully got it all.

Also a special thank you to @Henkjan de Krijger and @Ingrid Tips en meer both whom topped up the pool with YP when the YP I had set for it ran out.

Today, I spent the day on a bit of a roadtrip around the coast of Cape Town, my heart felt calm and at peace and I believe this is partially also thanks to the fact that we have been talking about him most of the month. So thank you all once again.

What a lovely group of people you all are! ⚓❤