A rose, a crib, new life...

Dear Matty, woooow, you did that beautifully!
I just woke up, but here, I really need to dwell on this.
If you look closely, you see a crib and I felt very moved right away.
I really just woke up and I blinked my eyes a couple of times.
Wake up, what do I see here?
Yeah, after some observation, I actually feel a confirmation for a piece of biblical story.


From the dark to the light.
I myself am not “succumb” to the unimaginable love of our Lord until later.
I see in the bud of the rose our earth, on which side do you live?
I see a devastating heat, but luckily, on the remaining piece of rosepetal, we're free.
Free of sulphur, free of acid, but still contaminated, because we are always too close to the fire.
Everything is tempted, but also the degradation of, for example, the flying soot,
does no good without exaggeration.
A crib shows me new life, a path that we all have to go.
A road, with the full freedom to choose which side you want to stand on.
Yeah, I see a crib where you can choose, which side would you like to live on?
In any case, I am grateful that I was born again and that I was given this opportunity.

Thanks to you too Matty xxx
With the awakening of this day, a smile appears to me, so nice that I can share this.
by: a Voice of Thoughts Photo: Matty Weydema
Tags: #geloof #godbidder #jezus #poezie #schrijven #gedichtschrijven #schrijverlarij #overdenking