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Is Labour Day still celebrated on 1 May?
Or is the faded glory? Has the trade union movement and the PvdA (the red family) become organizations that no longer consider the need to celebrate 1 May. 'We have already achieved a lot, 'it was said at the end of the 1950s at the NVV trade union that they had already achieved 90 percent of the targets. Then there is no sure in 2021 no more need for battle. Under Wim Kok in the 90s (once the great union man), the Labour Party became a party that embraced capitalism.. Road Solidarity. Welfare State Road . Long live the individual. Ikke and the rest can choke. Take the payment scandal as an example. Labour Day the year 1889. During the first congress of the international socialist organization 'Second International' it is decided to demonstrate the following year on 1 May. The call is massively responded, it appears in 1890 during the first organized Labour Day. In the United States and much of Europe, people take the streets for the eight-hour working day, better working conditions and the preservation of peace. In the following years, Labour Day becomes an annual tradition. This is the battle song of the Socialists, the Communists and the Anarchists: the International. 50 years member of FNV but the union still has a future? - Trade union in decline - unions, for the social interest, go for the basic income! - What is the Datavakbond? -   polices -   Blog collection -
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Leijpark013 9 & 10 maart 2021
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