The 10 best tips with Coke you probably don't know yet

Cola a a world product

Cola has conquered the world.

It is therefore a top product, but especially for the household, because drinking... it's better not to do that.

Cola originally appeared on the market as a medicine and eventually became the soda known to everyone.

Just about everyone has drunk it, drinks it or will drink it.

Soda is unhealthy

Yes, almost everyone knows that soda and also definitely cola is not healthy at all.

And yet thousands of liters are consumed every day.

The light version is also unhealthy because the combination of cola and aspartame itself is even more dangerous.

Cola is useful in the household

Cola evolved from medicine to soda, who knows, it might ever be on the market as a top household product.

In any case, the versatility of cola is great.

Here are 10 useful tips on how to use cola.

Put it in the maintenance cabinet and far from your fridge

Get started with it!

Top 10 tips

1. Removes oil stains from a garage floor.

Soak the stains in cola, then spray the floor with water.

2. Removes blood stains from clothing and textiles.

Treat blood stains with cola, and then wash them immediately.

3. Removes rust.

Treat rust with a sponge soaked in cola, possibly also rub me with aluminum foil.

Small pieces can be soaked in the cola.

Rusted writing is released with Coke, spray it on and let it retract.

Also floors with rust stains can be treated with cola.

4. It cleans burnt pans.

Soak in cola and rinse them clean.

You can also clean the bottom with an abrasive sponge soaked in cola.

5. Descales an electric kettle

Use the same method as with burnt pans.

6. Removes chewing gum from shoes and floors

If you have gum sticking to your shoe sole, pour a ground cola in a basin or in the sink and put your shoe in it for a while, so the cola does not touch the leather or fabric part of your shoe.

The gum will come off easily after a while.
7. Cleans old coins

Soak old coins in cola which will remove the stop.

8. Cola cleans the toilet

Pour cola into the toilet jar, leave overnight, then clean and rinse.

9. Removed deposits in teacuans, coffee jugs and bags.

Pour into the pieces with stubborn stop cola and leave to infuse overnight.

Wash off and all the attack is gone.

Also works for vases with a lime scale.

10. Cleans tile joints with rust stains

Pour cola on the floor, leave for a few minutes, then clean.

Do not use on wooden floors!


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