The best tips to manage your budget better

You #budget #beheren is an important art that determines how you will live in the future.

Most of us already received pocket money as a child.
And already in children we see great differences in the handling of money and resources.
Not only in dealing with money, but also at a very young age, you can see that certain children are trying to somehow increase their money and resources.
There is still a lot to learn in children, otherwise it is up to adults who fail to balance a budget.
But, of course, it is never too late to take the cow by the horns and bring changes to old rusted patterns and beliefs.

The economy has taken drastic turns over the last 30 years.
The majority of today's forties had parents who had no money worries and only had financial progress.
These parents were mostly two-earners, and the economy flourished.
More and more people became owners of a house and a car was no longer a privilege for doctors and high squeaks.
Electro entered the families more and more and more and also travel became generally good.
Every generation tends to want to do better than the previous one.
There has been a hitch, persistent and successive crises have drastically reduced prosperity.
And young people want to move forward, it is of course, an urge to build a good life.
On the other hand, many are also accustomed to a lot of luxury that is actually perceived as indispensable.
We are overexcited about what we do “NEED”.
Very low prices caused people to buy much more, more than necessary.
Credit and, above all, overcredit caused people to get themselves into trouble.
And at the moment we live in a society with great poverty, hidden poverty, disadvantaged, elderly people in poverty, even children with hunger and a shortage of the most necessary medical care.

Quite a pity this is, but there are also numerous major and minor changes that each can bring into his daily life pattern and lifestyle that can lead to an increase in the quality of life.
The sense of security, a buffer, say, increase, stay or become debt-free, and yet enjoy life to the full. IT CAN
For that, look up to those who do better, because many are simply jealous of people in their environment who seem to be financially better (because here too it is often clean appearances).
Better than being jealous is to see if you can get or imitate certain tips from them.
Turn jealousy into curiosity.

But here are the most important tips on how to manage your money optimally, and that's certainly a good start.


1. Live below your stand

This may seem difficult, especially for people with very limited incomes.
But still it is a skill that you can train.
Do a lot of things for half.
?? yes halving is possible on many things, and if oats do not work, you can decrease on many things.
Actually, it's very simple and there are plenty of examples.
Check the time you sit on your PC unnecessarily, do this for half a week and then cut that time in half.
You can take a long walk, recycle something, make something yourself instead of buying etc.
Do this also with the time for the TV.
Do not deny you everything, eg candy you like, halve your candy behavior but do not figure it out completely, you will not keep this up. Make your own cake this can be very cheap, for a fraction of the price at the bakery, or cake, or chocolate mousse etc.
And especially drink water from the tap (filtered if necessary depending on your area of residence).
Make a jug of coffee if you need more than 4 cups in the family, instead of patches.
If you like to drink a good glass of wine or a glass of beer, just cut them in half.
If you like to have dinner with friends, invite them to eat at home, and mss make it a nice day of cooking. Anybody can bring something. Fun guaranteed, and together in the kitchen you don't have to fear dead silences.
Like richly served sandwiches for lunch, add more vegetables, lettuce is cheaper than spreads and so much healthier, even the poorest of us eat too much ice cream.
Also detergents and maintenance products can be halved, or reduced, and you really don't need a separate product for each job.
Like regularly in the new, try second-hand, always provide basic pieces that can be combined well.
You like to read, used books only cost a shot.
Sport in the wild instead of in the fitness club, I find it laughable that people drive in cars to the fitness areas to walk on a treadmill or ride a stationary bike.
So you see, there is very soon half to save on a lot of things.

2. Do not buy too cheap and save yourself from free

Be aware that free in stores does not exist.
Free you can get disposed of stuff from people, get a service, a favor, etc.
But in a store, you usually pay fat for free.
Free is a trigger to get you to buy what you would leave without the offer.
Exceptional and if you are sure that you would otherwise buy it and especially use it, you can use promotions.

A very cheap shirt, or pair of shoes often end up in the trash after a month.
And too cheap diet is usually unhealthy, you later pay to the doctor and medicine.
Try to find a good balance between price and quality, but also between necessity and simply buying out of mind.
Buy consciously and do not go shopping as a hobby.


3. First of all, make sure that no negligence costs and interest are paid.
If you have subscriptions, hobbies, unpaid bills, etc, make sure they are solved first.
Late payments, abbonnements, credits, they cost a lot of money.
Do you really need all these abbonnements? If it turns out that you can pay it too late, you should cancel it.
Pay all bills before dividing your budget for the month into weeks and paying yourself with savings.
?? Yes, savings should become one of your compulsory expenses, you are more important than the banks, the electricity companies etc.
So no matter how small the amount you can make, deposit some money into a savings account at the beginning of the month, if only 10€and look at it as a fixed expense.
I first! is allowed here.
Be sure to give this tip to your children too, make sure they are important enough to reward and pay for their own.

4. Dare to change

Do not be afraid to change bank, energy supplier, mobile phone provider etc.
Every year, check whether it can't be cheaper, and dare to negotiate.
Dare to live smaller, or choose a smaller car.
Maybe you can go perfectly without a car, or you can share a car.
Don't you have too many options with your internet?
Are you always the hostess who takes care of everything and with whom all appointments continue? Dare to ask for cooperation and an arrangement for costs.
Do you also get so many invitations to receptions, weddings, baby drinks from people you actually have virtually no contact with? Dare to refuse, give occupied, or just give a small gift, or send a card.


5. Increase your income

Everyone can increase their income to a lesser or greater extent, regularly or sporadically.
Of course, it's easier for one than for another.
Your health, education and career play a first role here, but even if you don't mind in this area, you can still get paid to do a job, that can be either a physical job or something online.
You can sell some stuff you don't use anymore.
You can ask for money for your birthday and other parties, instead of gifts.
There are also lots of earning models online, from blogging, selling photos to filling out survey you can always find something there.
Maybe you make fantastic cakes, then introduce them to family and friends, to bake a cake for them on occasion for a fee.
Perhaps you like to knit and you can knit a sweater for someone.
Or you're good at making clothes, then you can definitely please someone with a garment or repair.
Maybe you can tinker and sell your jobs online.
You can always do something, and maybe something will grow into something big.
You can also study, or learn for free with someone so you can gain experience and learn something to earn something later.
Really anyone can make extra money. But be realistic, if something sounds too good to be true then it usually is.

6. Ask the expert and become the expert of your children

Know that you can always learn when it comes to finance.
And who is the best way to learn from?
From those who have mastered it well.
Dare to ask counsel, whoever it is, ask someone you think is doing well.
Buy a good book and read tips from moneycoaches.
Read them if necessary 10 times, but most importantly try to perform them and not apologize to yourself.
And pass on all the good money habits to your children.
Also teach them that nothing is free, and teach them to pay themselves.
It will give them and yourself much more certainty.


Many of us have a very wrong interpretation of money.
Thus, you hear a lot of comments in the trend of "money does not make you happy” this is wrong, no money does not make happy.
I'd rather sit in a mercedes crying sad than on an old bike.
And money can make you happy, you can improve your health, you can help people, you can fix the bad luck of small things, you can feel more confident and good in your skin.
People without money quickly get into depressions, and live more often in unhealthy homes etc., so money can really make you happier.
Money should not be an end in itself, but it is important.
You don't have to live for the money, but money will help you live easier.
You can like money, like yourself.
If your heart stays in the right place, there's nothing wrong with that.

Did you like it or useful, please let us know, share it with your friends, we appreciate it.
Thanks in advance for reading.
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