The Great Searchman

“Dear Watson, it is an art to see and interpret all the clues in the right way. That is necessary in order for the criminal to undergo his deserved punishment.‘

'Certainly, and that's why... '

“That's how you, dear Watson, have no doubt seen the crumbs next door on the balcony.’

“Yes, I have...”

“And so, dear Watson, what conclusion can you draw from that?’

'Well, I think that... '

“Dear Watson, there is one clear conclusion to be drawn: someone has been eating a sandwich. The question is: is it white or brown bread, since our suspected suspect has a predilection for many wheat bread. In short, these crumbs need to be examined, and do so as soon as possible'

'How then?’

“Dear Watson, of course, that's not a problem. You disguise yourself. There's the costume, if you put that on, passing that balcony screen won't be a problem anymore.’

(c) 2021 Hans van Gemert

Header photo: Naturefreak

This story fits into two writing challenges of this month, the #photowords and the #140w :