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 Body, mind and soul are inextricably linked. You learn that during yoga classes. But applying it in everyday practice is not always easy.

Especially when it comes to yourself. Fortunately, we are together in this world and can support each other and learn from each other.


It starts with acknowledging your 'problem', becoming aware. Once it's recognized, you can get to know it, give words to it, then you'll integrate it into your life. From subtle to coarse-material and vice versa. The words, the brain, the head, thinking can be the mediator between body and soul. As soon as you can give words to it/you can express it, no matter which way it comes from, you can start recognizing it and the problem/conflict can resolve itself. There may also be direct recognition without words, but that is not what this piece is about.

A “problem” of the body we call illness or discomfort, pain. In the case of a flu we know; it will pass again, a slice in your finger, that will grow close again. My mother often told me; it came by itself, so it will disappear by itself. And I'm so glad I learned that from her. As a result, I have developed confidence in the self-healing capacity of the body.

But how do you find out what the pain, discomfort or illness has to tell you?

Each organ and body part performs a specific function. The function allows you to determine the type of theme underlying your pain, discomfort or illness.

Feeling is the language of the body

Thinking is the language of the head

Behavior is the language of the soul

Together they form you, your life,

Love, being, bliss



Each consequence has a logical cause. So if you experience pain, discomfort or illness it is important to look for the cause. Start by wondering when it started and what was going on in my life at that time. How did I experience that? Was there time to really feel feelings and emotions?

The answer lies in you, no general practitioner or specialist can tell you.

Pay attention. I'm not saying you should not consult a general practitioner or specialist. But it can be very helpful with an open look at your own experiences.

At some point in your life, there was no flow between body, mind and soul. Was there a discrepancy between what you felt and that you were convinced of? Something wasn't right, and you couldn't give words to it, or you couldn't express it.

Let me give you an example. You're a toddler and you're playing in the garden. Then your parents get into a fight, they start screaming and stomping. One of the two runs away angry. You start crying, the left parent comes up to you and tells you, “There's nothing wrong, come here.” For your gut, it's not right. A parent's gone, where? Is Mom or Dad coming back? They were very angry. Something's going on, but you don't have the right words yet. You can't express them yet.

There are a lot of events like this in a lifetime. They always come unexpectedly and at that moment you can't express them.

If you have enough rest and space in your life, your body will have time to feel the feelings associated with the event and to think about the situation. Then there will automatically be flow again. However, in our busy lives there is still little time to think about events, and we are often lost in feeling it in the body.

So take plenty of time to feel your pain, discomfort or illness. What does it do to you emotionally, where do you feel it in the body, and how does it feel?

Sigh and moan, let it be, only then give words to it.beyourownbestfriend

Another input is to investigate the function of the organ or body part that gives pain, illness or discomfort. And do you recognize the function as a theme in your life? For example, with stomach problems? The function of the stomach is to add digestive juices to nutrition and start digestion. Do you find it difficult to digest some of the things you had to swallow? What happened that you can't digest?

Psychological problems that we cannot solve and which we do not sufficiently recognize and recognize can lead to physical problems in the long run. Examine, with an open mind, curious, invite yourself. You find it hard to deal with, in your personal life, at work, in society.

An example of the stomach. In the beginning of the coronation period, I got a lot of heartburn. Now I know the subject that underlies it. It's territory annoyance. Territory is all I consider “mine.” So my bike, my bag, my phone. It wasn't easy to figure out what caused the heartburn. That night I went to bed and I invited my subconscious to tell me what the theme was. I fell asleep and woke up after an hour or so, the heartburn came up very violently, it was very painful and it made me sick. And suddenly I realized it was MY freedom that was taken from me by the corona measures of the government. At the moment of realization, I felt the pain subsiding and it became calm in my head. Freedom is in me, not in rules of anyone. That was a very clear awareness.

I haven't had heartburn since.

Body, mind and soul react instantly and at the same time. Our ability to think is capable of maintaining a problem. One of the reasons for this is media coverage. We are conditioned with fear and suspicion.

Go back to your body and feel, give it your words or expression and notice how life carries you. Feed yourself with proper nutrition both physically and mentally as well as on soul level. Have confidence in the body, support it with movement, rest and proper nutrition.

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