The strangest Valentine's Day celebrations in the world

#valentinesday On February 14 almost all over the world is celebrated Valentine's Day, where couples give themselves gifts and go on special appointments to commemorate how much they love each other. The more romantic and adorable, the better (in fact, for many that your partner forgets Valentine's Day is cause of big trouble).
But in the West we usually celebrate it with dinners or special appointments, on other sides of the world there are very different traditions for Valentine's Day.

And well, if you may never spend more than a day of lovers with the same person, maybe it's good to try other traditions to see if they help love doesn't die.

1. Asia

In many parts of Asia, especially Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China February 14 is a day when girls, just girls, give their lovers something (or take advantage of declaring), usually giving handmade chocolate. A month later, on March 14 it is men's turn to return the gesture by giving chocolate to those who gave them in February.

2. Germany

For Germans, pigs represent luck so for Valentine's Day they usually give away chocolates or objects that are shaped like a piggy. Although you have to be careful, that the piggy's posture may involve more lustful than loving feelings.

3. New York City

Por supuesto, los neoyorquinos aman New York City y una de las tradiciones más clásicas que tienen es que todos los enamorados quieren casarse ese día en el Empire State, algo que se realiza desde hace 25 años. Although many get together, only seven manage to get married, so in addition to a ceremony, it's a contest, what better.

4. Taiwan

Aunque en todos lados se regalan rosas para San Valentín, en Taiwan es mucho más simbólico porque la cantidad de rosas que se regalan representan diferentes cosas: 1 significa ‘eres mi único amor’, 11 que ‘eres mi favorita’, 99 que ‘lo nuestro es para siempre’ y 108 implican una propuesta de matrimonio.

5. Philippines

Filipinos use this date to join many people to kiss, marry or renew their votes on December 14. It is a tradition so strongly that it has broken the record of couples gathered in one place.

6. Wales

Welsh do not give flowers or chocolates, but rather hand-carved lovespoon or hand-carved Welsh spoons that have a heart-shaped handle. It's usually a gift from the man to his girlfriend.

7. Denmark

Here they are more entertaining to celebrate Valentine's Day, instead of chocolates send “gaekkebrev". These are anonymous funny letters that men send to their lovers by signing only one point for each letter of her name, if she guesses who sent it to him he receives as a reward an easter egg.

8. Croatia

Here they usually give a heart-shaped sponge cake accompanied by a mirror and the phrase “I give you my heart, look who is inside it" and as inside the gift there is a mirror, the girl sees its reflection assuming that it is she who is in the heart of the boy.