Through the witch dust

Phew. Painful mistake. Yes, err is human, but for those who transcend humanity, that is no excuse. I'll have to go through the dust. Having to express my regret very humbly. Don't revolve around it, plain, honest and sincere, as a worthy loeder, befitting, have to apologize for this misalow of size.
Maybe I should step out of the circle. Resign at 140 words. Retreat into a pool of shame.
No, that might go a little bit too far, just saying sorry is enough, but in the exact number of words. No word too much, no word too little. And maybe it will end up in oblivion.
I am sorry from the depths of my witch heart, I expect no forgiveness, poison I have enough myself, maybe even a little too much, but dear @Dewaputra I hope you accept my excuse.


A Image of Edward Pye via Pixabay