To Berlin

An eternity ago, in 1978, I was still at the Pedagogical Academy. In that year we went to Berlin with the whole class. Obviously as a study trip, because we would get acquainted with the education there.

Frankly, I can not remember much from the educational sides, of the conditions in the city all the more. It started already when passing all heavily guarded border stations. First from West Germany to East Germany, then from East Germany to West Berlin. Military everywhere with heavy weapons in hand, and of course the express ban on taking pictures. Luckily, just above the edge of the window, it was not noticed, so a few then... (which I was taking care that those soldiers did not see what I was doing - and therefore did not come into the picture

One of my fellow students was too fond of this, because he kept his camera through the open shutter. Yes, of course, that was noticed and in no time some of those armed figures were on the bus: 'Haben Sie fotografiert?'

Anyway, we were just not locked up and were allowed to resume our journey. Another point that impressed was Checkpoint Charlie.

Places where you could look over the wall offered a view of a wide area with barbed wire and barriers.

By bus we were also allowed to go to East Berlin. Of course not without an East German guide, who had to lead us through the right places. When we went back, the whole bus was checked, to see if we didn't “accidentally “smuggle someone to the West. So: luggage spaces had to be opened, and there was a look under all the seats and benches.

In 2014 we were again in Berlin, and we barely knew it back.


Commemoration: it's been 25 years since the wall fell


Sony-Center at Potsdammer Platz

You used to find Checkpoint Charlie here


Memorial site - impressive to walk between these blocks



yoorsworldtrip2021 Concertgebouw (right)


(c) 2021 Hans van Gemert


Own photos.

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#iamnewhere Hello friends is my first time here, I just graduated from lawyer, i am very interested in penal area and the criminology . My friends always tell me that I am their messiah I will be the one who will get them out of hahaha trouble (and I hope to do it) But not only do I dedicate myself to that, I also have my musician side , i play my music keyboard and i try to do video game covers and my own personal content. I like to read and play graphic novels games. I love watching horror movies especially genre “Found footage” and lately I'm learning to illustrate! I think that many of us who have a profession as a lawyer, accountant, doctor or engineer have in the background an artistic side that wants to manifest, that is why I do not miss the opportunity to be alive and learn new skills and be able to combine them. (: