Today spontaneously vaccinated on Curaçao.

My wife @Tania Kross comes from Curaçao which is why we have been inspired by Corona for almost a year. Every other month I am in the Netherlands to take pool height again:)

As I wrote earlier. The Netherlands seems to be more acidic? Curaçao is becoming more dushi.

Curaçao had few infections before, but the elections have changed that.
As a result of the elections, the number of infections and hospitalizations exploded. Not Smart!

So it has been decided that you can just go to the WTC and stand there in line. smartly!

And that's what we did.. This is really perfectly arranged. We already had an appointment that was immediately canceled and appointment for the 2nd prick is immediately scheduled. smartly!

This is also neatly in my email. But take a picture of the appointment they say in case the email doesn't arrive they say in advance. smartly!

There is already regulation on the queue because you can only drive with certain license plates on certain days.
So not everyone comes at once. smartly!

Everyone is left in every 15 minutes covered from the sun and wait neatly 2 meters away.
By the way, it's 1 meter for me and 1 meter for you. Duidelijk en smartly !

After that, everything is checked again and you get an empty vaccination passport. smartly!

Then prick. Not a minute of work. You get a very small piece of paper with the time you can leave. So 15 minutes AFTER your prick. You will NOT get your passport. So you can't just walk away. smartly !

After exactly 15 mins your name will be announced and you will get your vaccination passport back.
You've been vaccinated!

From the moment of arrival - We were guided in the parking lot by traffic regulators - up to and including vaccination we were lost an hour and a half !

There are 100 x more people in the Netherlands than in Curaçao. So this time 100 and NL is vaccinated in max a few weeks.

So the Netherlands watch and learn. And do not be derogatory about Curaçao.
They're so vaccinated and you're not a long way from.