The day Marijke came for a visit

Do you remember @marijke post about a “Missing opportunity”?

She and Fred had it all nicely planed; they would fly to Portugal and rent a car. They had already crossed the map with a red pencil from top to bottom and every night they discussed excitedly;

-We will go to Lisbon. Then we´ll rent a car and visit everything. We could book the hotels right now.

-I think we would better begin in Oporto. We can drive down, always down, until we reach the beaches.

After all this enthusiasm, they ended up not coming at all. Such a sad, sad, thing!

I was going to visit her. You probably have noticed I´m visiting Yoorsies, now and then. I prepared myself to travel; I sat in front of my computer and stretched the hand to click on “Wings of Imagination”(that paint has been my portal to the Netherlands). My hand froze.

I didn´t go. Instead I invited Marijke and Fred to my house.

Someone is knocking. I open the front door, and there they are. There´s a hair of spring surrounding them. They are both wearing jeans and Marijke is wearing sunglasses. They seem happy. An idea crosses my mind in a flash: could I ask Fred?…

Fred seems a skilful man (I saw him cleaning the snow in front of their house). I´ve been having some troubles with my washbasin…


Commenting my post, Marijke expressed her appreciation for my office in the veranda. So, I prepare three cups of really hot coffee and we sat there, looking and waving at the boats.

What a nice thing it is, making friends on Yoors.


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