Spring is here! The beautiful red tulip shoots out of the ground. I made this one from a leeks and a red pepper. I cut off a piece of stalk from the leeks, and if you push your finger off the leeks then you get different layers running in a point shape From the preilopher I cut two tulip leaves. The head of the tulip I cut out a piece of red pepper. Playing is very fun. Happy Spring!


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#iamnewhere I would like to add myself between you on YOORS! So let me propose. I am Hilda and use on Yoors the name Klons. Like you, I like to make blogs and also delve into new ideas and stories of your. How great that it can be here. In addition to making blogs, I like to do archery, kayaking, rides in my spare time but then on the back of the bike. Lead a self-sufficient life using own vegetable garden, solar panels, electric car, hot water solar system, planting acaciabos for future firewood, wood burner, herb garden. Walking in nature, hobby photography and reading. Oops, almost forgetting what I really like to do is cook and bake. Delicious recipes I will irrevocably share here on Yoors. Who still has tips for writing a book, please. That's high on my to-do list. Love and see you all soon, Hilda (Clons)
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