#fotografa Hi Friends of Yoors. I would like to show you these beautiful images of a sea blue sunset, with those beautiful clouds that give it a touch of imagination for every time you watch one for more than a minute. How cool, right?

I hope and you like the photos that I have taken with much appreciation to heaven. Every part of him makes up his beauty. I love looking at the sky too much!
And admire its sunrises, sunsets, and evenings.

I have seen that so many people have been able to share on this platform beautiful images of the sunrises or sunsets that are usually seen in each of their beautiful countries.
So it encouraged me to do something like that too. I think that the sky of my city also to be admired. I wanted to be able to take a photo of nature near the sky, but at the time there were too many people and I prefer to do it some other day when it's just Me and Nature sharing.

What do you think?
#Anything #sky #time
#looking #admire #nature

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