View of Deventer

Nice town, Deventer.

During the period that I lived in Empe near Voorst I came there regularly. I went to adult education 3 times a week there and then went to my groceries there. In the week before Christmas I stood with a stall selling homemade dolls and Christmas decorations, in one of the big churches. The children (and I) enjoyed the Dickens festival during the weekend before Christmas. On my own I wandered the annual book market and shoved me a bump on the beautiful finds that I really couldn't leave. To bypass the parking problems we often parked the car across the river and let us cross with the ferry. An extra attraction for the children.

On beautiful days we went with the whole family to the floodplains opposite Deventer. Man and kids to fish and I to draw and paint. This is how this watercolor of the face of Deventer was created in 1992.

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