Weet je nog? Een speelgoedijsje

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Weet je nog?
Deze ijsjes waren in de jaren 80 heel veel te koop. Voor een paar centen kocht je dit leuke speelgoed. Een bolletje op een ijsje met een knopje erop, daar drukte je op en het bolletje floepte er af.
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Hello Yoors!
Hello, my name is Charldon, I am a photographer residing in the very sexy South Africa. Hoping to share and look at some great content going forward.
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Difficult kids?
#Howtodealwith The Covid 19 pandemic brought together a series of problems that go beyond the invisible enemy. We are victims of a confinement that has brought up feelings and emotions that got a valve to release the pressure on the streets, it was an escape to our underlying reality. One of these” problems “was sharing with the children because they are” difficult “. This condition is characterized by having restless, rebellious and defiant attitudes and, usually, we assume that it is the product of malcriadity, keep in mind that a child who runs, screams, experiences, is a happy child, a healthy child. And we grew up and now we see things from our heights as parents. We are on a level where society imposes rules on us and responsibilities are overwhelming us and not being able to fulfill them can lead to frustrations and/or depressions. But, we have wondered what it means to be a child in a world where parents or adults around them are always tired, overwhelmed, in a hurry or without time. I assume the answer is no. Well, it shouldn't be easy, so when you're going to deal with your child falls from your adult heights, put yourself to his height as a child, look him in the eye and ask him first what he wants to tell you, how was his day, give him a hug and tell him that you love him, understand that setting limits and correcting is not screaming, beating, angry and less disrespect, let's go with calm we can't repeat patterns. I assure you that the need to get your attention through things that can blow you up will change because now you made it part of your world and it will feel like it ceased to be a “problem”, to become your child again. Try it, then tell me how it went.