One of my guilty pleasures is annoying me at vague elitist prizes whose snobbish bubble is so small that only the recipient and the one who awards the prize know them. Before the recipient gets the prize, the recipient has never heard of it.

Below again a nice one.

This resulted in her the BNG Bank Theatre Prize 2018, the prize for 'most promising theatre makers up to 35 years'.

  1. The price is from the BNG Bank?! Never heard of it.
  2. And the then the bubble is made even smaller: Theatermakers up to 35 years old.

She will have been delighted with this prize!

Do you know a nice price so I can get annoyed by that?
And the question I really have. What's such a price for you? Has it really made progress through this prize?

I think the award handler often has more use to you than the one who receives the prize.


What good is a price if no one knows these?