What I see on Yoors

Hello friends of Yoors, I would like to make some comments about some things that have been happening in Yoors, I liked the publication of @Encaustichris referring to the evolution of Yoors and @Dana about copyright, one of the things that was on my agenda to comment on, very important is the poor handling of content that is not my own I think this has gradually gotten out of their way, I remember when I started at Yoors that the Europeans to whom I am very grateful, were very aware of the good use of content, written or visual, they emphasized in its originality or that if it belonged to another person the source was described, they let it be known in the comments and one that the other by the private one, I confess they were time of total learning for me, because until that moment I did not care who was the effort used to make the material I used, today i value and respect it.


I have also noticed with some attention, as I imagine that you may have done, what happens with the first publication, that is to say the presentation one, in the face of the wave of new users, many of them, due to ignorance, I imagine, have not given the correct use of the hashtag #iamnewhere , some posts are almost or totally blank, empty, nothing is transmitted about that new member, I think that those of us who have spent the longest time on this page should provide the respective orientations so that new users do this better, particularly I take the task of guiding and even suggesting through comments in your publications the link that @Henkjan by Krijger did at the time, this to make the process more productive, I have seen that other users with time on Yoors have been concerned that things are done well as is the case with @Madeleine and @Marc De Bisschop hehehe in a moment a user called me a police officer (without badge, or credentials), but if what we do the process improves and contributes to Yoors, it's okay.


Another thing that I have observed is the appearance of one or the other post promoting services and products of x company, I am not referring to the work that a member may well do and that he wants to share, such as the concern raised by @My Pixels and Dots and that many members clarified, but from large commercial companies, this did not happen, one of the things that I liked about yoors is their policy of not hosting advertising, I know that this is to regulate this by us users report it and the moderation tool, we must give a greater and better use of this, it would be good if not will be paid for its use.


I don't want to be complaining about things that happen, I don't want to be part of the problem but of the solution, I would not like to look away and pretend that nothing happens, It's not a secret that improvements are constantly being made to the platform. Yoors has been at very critical moments in my life and through him I have been able to solve many problems, I have expressed it in some posts, I deeply appreciate his presence in my life and I will do everything possible to make Yoors a better place every day, with that I think we all win #reviewed  

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