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My name is @Madeleine I am an enthusiastic woman of 45 years, married and mother of three children and have a creative mind. My head almost never stands still and I can really enjoy new things that I read, discover! Creativity is the basis for my everyday things. Without creative thinking, I wouldn't be able to function. I get my inspiration for life and to live out of nature, art, music, people, etc. My love for music is huge! As a young child, I soon learned to play piano and flute and became interested in both classical music and pop music. Gradually I was hit with the vinyl record virus and especially listened to the album by Rogier van Otterloo, one of my biggest sources of inspiration ever. Because of his music I started writing and I was able to put my thoughts on paper and a short story emerged from one of his songs. I can also be found in nature, like to take pictures, write poems and have my own website Maddys Atelier.

I'd love it if you guys could come over there and take a look. You are welcome! The website is still in full development, but you can already browse around it.

This is my website: Maddys Atelier https://maddys-atelier.nl/

I've been at Yoors for about 5 years now. As a novice blogger, I went through a whole development in those 5 years. 5 years ago I had never blogged and only knew the term blogging. I went into blogging and it became a search for me for who am I and what do I want with Yoors. Because of Yoors, I grew more and more in my creative thinking and discovered more and more things that I liked to do. Yoors is a nice community with interesting people who create lots of beautiful things. I wanted to be part of that, but I also wanted to mean something for the fellow bloggers. Do it together! Ever since Yoors also started working on an international level, my sense of being together has only become stronger. It moves me to see how people from other countries show wonderful things here and when you think that, despite the distance between countries, people can feel so close to each other. That's Yoors! I made this work of art from people from different cultures 5 years ago and already believed very strongly in a community that is connected to each other. Because there's no distance between people when you look into your heart. It can feel very close. My goal is still to help and support as many people as possible! We all have a story!


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