Why is there tongue-language?

This blog is designed specifically for Christians; for those who believe. Below is a poem about the phenomenon - about better: the gift of the Holy Spirit - tongue-language.

Is tongue-language good?

Tongue language is one of the gifts God gives to Christians when they are baptized in the Holy Spirit. Other gifts include prophecy, words of knowledge and prayer healing.

For the record, there is no ranking in these gifts. Also, the 'having or not having' of one or more of these gifts is not a symbol of being a Christian or not.

Besides, having is not the right word anyway. After all, God gives the gift at specific moments to specific persons for specific purposes. They are spiritual gifts - gifts - and not possessions in the earthly sense.

Then why am I spending a poem on this gift (tongue-language)? Well, I'm afraid this gift suffers from the pressures of the past. Over time in the church world there have been various excesses of spiritual manifestations.

You can think of, for example, the Toronto Blessing . In my opinion too much human sauce was placed on the Spiritual Main Course. The consequence is extra caution in believers when an expression of the Spirit occurs.

I am really afraid that people in the church will close the door to God (unintentionally). That God is given no or insufficient room to work with His Holy Spirit in that same church.

Once again, when people do not speak in tongues, they are not evil Christians. But my question is, “Why not unpack a gift that God gives you?” You're also picking upàl your gifts on your birthday?

Hence this poem...

Poem “Is tongue-language everything?”

Is tongue-language everything?

Is it more than anything else?

Is it a gift from God?

Is it coercion or commandment?

Can a Christian do without it?

Is it really that special?

What's it to you

in your Christian existence?

Are you gonna let the devil rob something?

What does he make you believe?

Is your experience stressed?

Did “extreme “ruin it?

God gives you a gift.

That's much more than a show!

Don't give the devil a foot

and trust in Jesus' blood.

Tongue, you speak with God.

Or maybe He speaks more to

you in a language you don't know.

But you know... he's used to

to talk to His children like that.

So why would you leave it?

So speak out in faith.

Speak His language, so heavenly...

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