Yoors Beneficiary

It is now possible to choose a beneficiary for each of your posts.

What is a beneficiary then?

That is the person or pool (a hashtag) who gets all the Yoors Points that your post has earned. Example of Yoors Points that transferred to the beneficiary:

  • YP from Hearts
  • YP from Pay per Post
  • YP from Pageviews
  • YP from winning the Pools

When will I choose a beneficiary?

Of course, you can decide for yourself, but imagine using someone's photo or link and you want all the profit you receive to go directly to that person. So that's a good time to choose that person.

Think also about a donation or fundraiser to a charity agency or person. This agency/person can then create a Yoors account and claim their YP as beneficiary.

How do I choose a beneficiary?

You can choose a beneficiary for each post. The beneficiary of each post can therefore be different than the one before and it is optional, not mandatory :).

  • In the quickpost editor under option 'Beneficiary' in the toolbar at the bottom.
  • Or in the blog editor under the “Publish” option.
  • You can look up another Yoors Member with the '@' sign and you can look up a pool with the '#' sign.

See the pictures below for more explanation!