Yoors Love ❤️. Why it works.

Summary Yoors Content Platform 👊

  • No data trading but privacy and ownership
  • No censorship but complete freedom of opinion and expression
  • No users but members, respect and engagement
  • Not Instaglamour, but real life and real stories
  • No filter bubble but transparency.
  • No addiction-oriented platform but influence on development.
  • Not a number but Human to Human
  • No ads, but income.

If you give a ♥ to a post it will cost you 10 Yps. This is exactly one cent.
Clicking twice is supporting more !
But because it costs something, it's a real voice for that post.

We are already seeing an increase in posts that clearly have a higher quality and therefore more ♥.
We count the heart as one point no matter what else you give Yps to that post.

So there is no algorithm on Yoors which first looks at your profile or something like that and then you present things
based on your data and all sorts of complex non-transparent calculations.

Oh, no. It is a simple addition of the posts with the most hearts.
Posts without hearts quickly sink away. Because negative hearts do not exist:)
My experience is that this post was made more often without 'love'.

Yoors Love!