Yoors - review

A review of Yoors, the

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What is Yoors to me, what can happen with Yoors, and what plans are left on Yoors? The booster I saw stand for #yoorsreview triggered me to introduce people to Yoors again. In my opinion, that's the idea behind this #. Make a review about Yoors! Anyway, that's my interpretation, may well be that it's just meant to be a review on Yoors, that it doesn't have to be ABOUT Yoors!

Yoors for me

For me, Yoors is a kind of community, a community of people who are all interested in content, interested in the People behind the content too! Especially that. There is a lot of reaction, there will be feedback. Collaborations arise with Yoorsians who have different qualities that reinforce each other. That is something that I think could really be better, so beautiful forces can be combined!

For me, Yoors is also an outlet and a source of inspiration. It triggers my creativity, and it triggers a kind of chain reaction of different ideas and challenges.

What can happen with Yoors

First of all, of course, you can blog on Yoors! You can share your content with other Yoorsians. You can write informative blogs, you can share photos, you can create a portfolio. You can also share all this directly on other social media.

On Yoors there are also many challenges that you can participate in. A challenge is being created by someone who everyone can hook up to. This results in the best initiatives, the best products.

There are boosters on certain topics, which means you can earn points to write, draw, poem,... whatever suits you. The responses you give to others can also result in points. These points are called Yoors Points, the YPs. The YPs can end up so high that you can make them pay out.

You can also place boosters yourself, so give points to anyone who creates content on that topic. For each like (a heart on Yoors) they get the points you give!

If you place your post in a Pole, you can also become a 'day winner'. Then you are the one who has received the most (and at least 10) hearts in that subject. In the Pole there's a post with YPs that you can win. Depending on the number of participants in that Pool on that day (at least 2 participants to win)

Of course, you can also send personal messages to the people on Yoors. With questions, tips and feedback, this is useful to do through those PBs and not in a response.

Posts are placed directly in Dutch and English, which increases accessibility outside the Netherlands. There are also many Yoorsians active outside the Netherlands. So a lot of fun! Other languages are a paid option.

Sometimes it happens that (inadvertently) posts are posted that do not belong on Yoors. Either they violate the usage rules of Yoors, or the source of the original content is not mentioned, or an empty post has been posted for example. Then the moderation - tool. This allows you to give someone a 'broken heart', and then an 'independent' Yoorteam decides whether that post should be removed. For example, the intention is that Yoors will be kept 'clean', and that it will also remain a child-friendly site.

For new members, in the menu there is also a Short guide , where you can find a manual. Also has @Ingrid Tips and more lots of manuals written about the possibilities on Yoors!

What plans are left with Yoors

The plans I look forward to most are Yoors subscriptions and being able to post videos directly into Yoors. Now that can only be done with an external link from, for example, YouTube. Also PDFs can be posted on Yoors soon. Now I often take a picture of a Word file to share it directly in my posts.

If you subscribe, Yoors is of course no longer free (the above is all free to use). You pay for extra options. The best option I see in that is to be able to categorize my blogs. So that it becomes more easy to find for followers when you blog on different levels.

I share drawings, share photos, write photography blogs, blog about (nature) facts, write challenges and share interesting posts from others. It would be nice if I could sort that out a little more clearly.

If I have understood correctly, you can also easily send mailings to a certain selection of followers with the subscriptions. So you can keep people informed about updates in your categories! Top seems to me!

And so Yoors is constantly evolving, adjustments are being made over and over again.

What do I think of Yoors

I love Yoors. I really found my place here. There is a nice group of active bloggers, where there is also a lot of interaction between them. Especially in lockdown time it is great to keep me busy with blogging and sharing.

Yoors is a fairly small platform, although it is clearly growing. At the moment I find Yoors not very clear, especially not for new arrivals. There can be so much, and I think newcomers will soon drown before they discover all those options. That would be a pity. More overview would be good!

For me there should be a clearer separation between the informative blogs, the sharing of facts and travel ideas on the one hand, and the more social, fun, cozy part of Yoors on the other. This now runs through each other, which makes the findability of the content blogs difficult.

People who come in and look at recent posts see all kinds of weird drawings called objectoons, haha! Great of course, because that was' my 'challenge, but for arrivals this is not really clear, I think.

I love the Yoorteam. What a job they do to improve Yoors over and over again. They are super accessible for questions and tips and are really active with their members! Did I tell you I love Yoors!