Yoors update: Updating profile photo + Mentions improved

Hi, Yoorsies.

This is especially for those who have created their account on Yoors using Facebook in the past. As you guys noticed, we phased out the link to Facebook a while ago. This also means that we no longer retrieve your profile photos dynamically via Facebook.

Update profile photo

If you want a new photo, you need to manually update your profile photo again. Time for a fresh picture, so! And those who want to change their profile picture for fun after seeing this post, you are welcome too!


Mentions have also been improved, previously you could not find some users when searching with a monkey tail (@). Now the users are sorted by last active first, so you can now find the mentions you are looking for.


You can now add/remove items from your bookmarks without a problem. Just look for the bookmark-icon ( ) underneath a post.

Thank you for your understanding and support and have a nice day! #profilephoto #yoorsupdate #profile #profielfoto