Adriana´s post "Books, body and soul": my own version

The book, like a living creature, has both a physical body and an immaterial soul...

... said @Adriana in her post. This makes me reflect. I sit on my comfortable sofa closing my eyes, preparing myself to what I hope will be a brainstorm between myself and me. I remember another sentence:

The soul of a book you experience by reading.

I don´t know what to make out of this sentence. I´m not reading. I´m only sitting still. I continue, for what seems like a never ending time. Nothing happens, of course. I change position, feeling uncomfortable.

A strong smell hit me, filling the room from end to end. It is a very thick scent, a scent I can only describe as fear; I remember Adriana´s words:

I experienced (books) through my five senses.

Could this book be about… no, I won´t risk a hint. Not yet. What I can say right now, is that I just experienced one of my five senses. The smell.

In front of me is taking shape a faint body. The blurred image defines. It is a man.

The vision.

The man seems confused. I hear him whisper:

Where can I hide? – He looks around nervously.

The hearing.

This is a crime fiction! I´m a hundred percent sure. This poor man is the designated victim.

I pity him, and I put a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

The touch.

I cannot, I will not, leak the man!

Taste the book? (Not really!)… for hygiene and healthy reasons

Adriana´s words. What a relief!

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