YoorsFebruary 2021 Challenge: Upload a video by theme

February is nearly here and we are back with another challenge! This time the theme is videos and all you have to do is follow the prompt list below. We tried to combine everyone's wishes as much as we could. On 1 February you can start uploading your first video. The pool #yoorsfebruary2021 will be filled with boosters and Yoors Points for you to win! Unlike all the other challenges, this challenge only requires you to post every other day, instead of every day. 14 assignments, 14 days in total.


  • Film a video using the prompt-list below as guideline and upload it to Yoors (old videos are welcome also)
  • The minimum duration for the video is 15 seconds, but you can make it as long as you want!
  • Publish your video in #yoorsfebruary2021 
  • There's always a 1-day break in between each assignment
  • Tip: Use this break to edit or tweak your video
  • Stay safe, be creative and have fun!

Thanks to:

@Henkjan de Krijger  and @Domz for the prompt list.

Look at the video below as a source of inspiration and guidelines on what to  include in your video.