Good morning to all friends and readers of #yoors , what you see is my new wish tree, I wanted to start 2021 with this new work of mine, an abstract tree made with an old material that you may guess, something that belongs to the past and that I wanted to recycle in an artistic way to give it back life, now I am waiting for your wishes, you have already expressed some of them to me in a previous work, I am sure that you still have others, mine is to go one day to see Capo North aboard a sidecar, probably I won't be able to but I like to think that I might be able to realize this dream instead, of course I have many other desires, we all must have them, I'm sure that all this positive energy can do us good, ok I wait for you and when the tree is full I will show you the finished tree, as I anticipated, I will make others and perhaps after the health emergency has passed, I hope to make an exhibition with the hope that and be a good omen for a better future. The new year has just started, happy new year everyone, we will make sure it is a really happy new year!
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