First principle thinking challenge #1: What's so great about the gratefulness?


For starters, I think there is no better way than say "Thank you life for finding my unicorn!" #yoorslove, meaning I am so, so very grateful for Yoors and opportunities lately have been opening for me which keep me highly motivated! @Henkjan de Krijger Secondly, most of my gratefulness in this present moment gives me that positive spark about creating, writing my poetry, and stay open with new technics of drawing and approach to guitar and music even. There's spark about video editing and animation making, but most of it comes from my own writing, wondering "Hmm, how would Ivy look like if he's an animated cartoon character?" and then use my note. write all I can think of it. It's about experimenting with your abilities and talents, with everything you have at your disposal, mix it all together in a way that suits You, because only You know that answer, and share it with a world open-minded and hearted. And see what happens. For me, It's about making ideas I have been born in reality in all kinds of different shapes of love. True believer. Like I already wrote at the beginning of the challenge that I like to call "Do not let concrete stop you from blooming!", line Thank you, Life! is one of my first principles of thinking.

Today I'll like to share the top 5 thing's I'm super grateful for in my life.

Top 5 things I'm super grateful for in my life while being naked on Yoors

1. Feeling that everything is always just in order, just like it should be! It's hard to explain, I struggled a lot with how to explain this one, so I'll go with the truth I feel, and that's it. "In every moment I'm pulsing, taking in and out the air, everything is in perfect order!". Meditation helped with that, so most of my overthinking were just spiled on the paper in these verses. Poetry and writing have become one of my ways to express those feelings out. Felling like a responsible kid lately with paint on my clothes trying to draw with watercolors like part of the challenges I took to fulfill these days. Happy about it! 

2. Feeling that I'm deserving of everything that's happening to me. "You are entirely up to You" is the sentence that describes an experience, it's the scariest and most beautiful mind comprehension one can have. Gratitude goes just fine whit this one, no matter on what side of the curve You are on, minus or plus. Guess some of the fear never goes away, in time instead of fear, suddenly excitement and curiosity for exploring, inspired by incredible joy to have an opportunity to be alive, a warm and fuzzy feeling inside because you just somehow know...

3. ...You are safe, talked care off. Sea speaks to me a lot about that, hidden abundance lately I was starting to realize in my life in the perfect timing moments, I'll be true, surprised me positively in ways I couldn't imagine. Tones and tones potential, unexplored territories of pure creativity just because I know how safe, loved, and protected I am. That moment was liberating from multiples aspects for me. Finding a crumb of bread left all over my personal story to combine and find out the truth about "who you are?" and what's your mission and vision in and of life. As far as I'm concerned, as long as I'm making myself happy, doing my thing with honor and pride, standing behind every line I ever wrote on this platform, and If there's just one person I successfully inspire, make lough or just share, I'm making a difference. At least in my life, and I'm proud to admit it - my own art inspires me to make more of it!

4. Having him around, my dear man! We know each other science we were kids(2002), had a long and strong friendship and before five years on 6th September we kinda just looked at each other agreeing on we should dating and started our emotional roller-coaster, we continue to drive till today :D It was super important for me to have one, just one person that can understand and accept me for what I Am and just talk to me about stuff, all important stuff.

5. Everything material I possess and own, including body and health, technology, car, and money. Those who were reading my posts know how I feel about making money and monetary global policy. Having that in mind, it's an important part of the explanation why we are doing this. In addition, we have a big piece of land we are leaving on in Rogoznica, just like we want to, just like I represent myself to you guys here, I truly am becoming one whit nature for a while now. Notice I did not mention I have a house to live in. Still, grateful for what I got and it's this piece of paradise I liberate to do my magic in, to write and dance, to sleep well, and get my courage to press the publish and again and again, pushing on with everything I believe in. Also, our camping trailer, obviously, is our winter shelter and summer... well, we live on Dalmatia's coastline most of our time, the cottage we use only during the night. I did not write about this earlier because I did not want to answer your guys' questions that I do not know answer jet. Now I know it's okay I do not know all the answers to what the future might bring, but by my experience, a simple answer arrives in a perfect moment.

So I decide to share with you out Summer 2017 project becoming our home in meanwhile. This is materials we choose to use, low budget natural building, and to make challenge even better, we used no power tools.

This is the best picture from private asortiman showing how much pride craft-maker can get over his art :D (And he's handsome, right?)


This is a semi-final picture at the right, we added a door and a kitchen on the right side of the cottage whit saved me during this summer. Preparing your food outdoors (or in camp trailer) can be hard during hot weather, so it's one more thing I'm grateful for. I'll provide you with some pictures when my light is up! :D

Answer my own question from the heading in my unique style

Oh, Life, say every time sadness visits Your toughs, hear him talk in the rhythm of your heart. When you can't breathe because you think you'll drown, stop thinking is wise, start crying out loud, if you must. You deserve to be loved. "Loved by whom?" You may ask, but who's asking holds the key of hidden realms waiting to be seen.

Guess the reader's perception of life depends a lot, but there's no doubt: gratitude is all I can be sure about!

Thank you for Your kindness and support!

Scinceriously Yours,
Child of Nature