YoorsNovember 2020 Challenge: Take pictures, have fun and win up to €100 daily!


  • Take and post a picture each day of November on Yoors, while inspired by the word of the day on the prompt list below.
  • Participate in the pool with the hashtag #yoorsnovember, add the word of the day in your post and win up to €100 each day.
  • Even if you don't win, you can receive boosters contributed by our generous sponsors.


We have thoroughly enjoyed the #inktober challenge ( thanks to  Jake Parker )  so much and we have seen so many good drawings. Unfortunately October is coming to an end, but we don't want to let go of the fun!

We would like to introduce our own Yoors monthly challenges which are characterized by their own special hashtag and subject. For November, the pool #yoorsnovember will be generously filled on 1 November 2020 and will be supplied with various boosters throughout the month for you to claim!

Now the subject of #yoorsnovember is photography. Get your phone or camera and get started. You can also put your photoshop skills to a test!


How do I participate?

  1. Look at the promptlist on the photo to the right. This list contains all the words of each day.
  2. Take a photo that is about the word of the day on the promptlist (1 November = Fruit, 2 November = Mistake .... 30 November = Repeat, etc.)
  3. Add the hashtag #yoorsnovember to your post
  4. Add the word of the specific day as a hashtag to your post ( #fruit#mistake, #swing )
  5. (RECOMMENDED) Participate in the pool #yoorsnovember to  claim your boosters. If you get the most votes that day, you can also win the daily prize!
    You then pay the entry fee (1 thousandth of the pool, rounded in your favor) Which you can win back. This threshold has been deliberately built in to avoid clutter in the pools. *

    *This is not mandatory ofcourse, but we recommend it as you can win Yoors points. Choose the duration of your participating by adjusting the slider.  A duration of 1 day per post is fine as each day you have a new chance to participate.


1. fruit 2. mistake 3. swing 4. cover 5. forget 6.pose 7. patch 8. twist 9.multiply 10. fix wake 12.slam 13.celebrate 14.rot 15.drop 16.blow 17.nail 18. chef 19.expand 20. sunrise 21.boring 22.empty 23.negative 24.stretch 25. heal 26.capture 27. relax 28.smooth 29.shut 30.repeat


What can I win while participating in #yoorsnovember?

  • On Yoors you can therefore earn a cash prize of at least € 100,- every day. (In November, Yoors ensures that the pool contains at least €100,- every day).
  • This prize is awarded when there are 100 players. If there are 39 players, the prize is 39 euros etc. So each player increases the prize to be paid out by 1%.

  • So ensure many players. The more players, the more you can win. Challenge your friends to participate.

  • Boosters will also be made available. With boosters you can earn extra Yoors Points with each heart you receive. Regardless of whether you win or not!

  • This booster also applies to comments under the participating post. So people who comment can also earn something, if they get hearts.


What is forbidden and allowed while participating in #yoorsnovember?

  1. This challenge starts on 1 November 2020 and ends on 30 November 2020.
  2. Be creative. You can do ANYTHING you like to the photo. Edit it, photoshop it, add filters, leave it plain as it is. You decide how far you go!
  3. You can participate as often as you want. You can also post multiple photos per day or skip a few.
  4. You can ask anyone outside of Yoors to vote for you. No problem. They must then become a Yoors member.
  5. The post with the most votes at 22:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) each day wins that day's pot. You will then see it in your menu and can also see it in the scoreboard above your post.
  6. Yoors works with a Moderation Democracy Tool. This means that if your post is really messy or if the post doesn't match the #Yoorsnovember command at all, it can be voted out of the pool by a randomly chosen majority.
  7. The pictures you take need to be your OWN pictures that you took. Please do not use pictures from Pixabay or other copyrightfree sites. You risk being disqualified with the moderation tool.
  8. Yoors reserves the right to change the rules in the meantime. This is only done in very exceptional cases and this is then communicated very clearly.



At the moment Yoors is the only sponsor for this pool but everyone is free to put some YP in this pool.

  • You can do that here: https://Yoo.rs/tag/Yoorsnovember
  • Click on the heart and give your contribution. Just because you want to contribute. In coming challenges, we will also give a special spot and a podium for sponsors.
  • If you have any questions or ideas about this, please email henkjan@yoo.rs.

  • All sponsorship goes fully to the content creators that win daily.

Pfiew!I That's a lot of information. Now that you all are well-informed... I wish you much fun with this challenge :)  You can immediately start your preparations today if you like. Good luck to all who would like to try this out and looking forward to your postings on 1 November!  My credits go to:

Main sponsor: @Yoors Official 

Designer and prompt list: @Domz

Thank you for making this possible!