Each title for the #yoorsnovember  themes for me is like a challenge with myself, on how to best represent what the staff has indicated and every time I seem to be undecided about what to do but then I remember myself that I know two languages, painting and writing, and so I open my imagination once again and come up with something. What you see today is a pictorial work with recycled material, the title is "empty inside" it is a work made by four hands together with the artist G.M.Zago and is part of the "Zago and yours friends" project but of this ve I'll talk about it on another occasion, in this work you see an empty squashed plastic bottle, practically it is a waste and the death of matter but art has the ability to revive it to leave a message, garbage, waste, waste can pollute the planet, the art with the creativity of artists can indicate a better path, humanity has the ability to solve every problem regarding ecology, I have hope that cleanly guided technology can make our life better, maybe one day we will go to live on Mars, on the Moon or on some other planet but life on this planet called earth will always be more beautiful, can we have a land of peace and cleaner? Can we hope for a better world? I say yes and you?#yoorsnovemberchallenger #challenge #fotochallenge