After the sunset

It's no secret that this is one of my favorite places to be at. Last night we decided to go picnic in Blouberg, watch the sunset and then head home, but even after the sunset. It was still a little light and we ended up staying way past the sunset.
Beautiful view, as usual. #yoorsoriginalvideo 
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who remembers their first favorite consoles and players - Hello friends, today I want to write on my part to show you which were the first consoles that came into my hands as a child, both video games and music and video, I would also like to read a little about you which were your first consoles since childhood to enjoy a moment of those good times. then my first consoles and of course the favorites. My first memories in terms of consoles was the so-called family game, for me it was something shocking to have one of those consoles in my hands since in order to play that type of video game I had to go to the shopping centers and there were places where they rented the games. It should be remembered that my first VCR that I got to know was betamax, to be able to enjoy watching a movie where you could choose what to watch without having to wait to see it on TV, it was something amazing for me, I remember that the first movie I saw was a phone call the fly, amazing special effects for the time. After spending some time and seeing that technology was gradually advancing, they give me a Sega as a Christmas present, which as their sologan says was one of the most advanced computerized game consoles for the time, that is, to go from 8 bit to 16 bit was a big change, improved graphics and good sound were great. Continuing with the advancement of technology now it's up to the VHS, a player if it can be called more advanced in image quality, more development in everything that had to do with recording TV series in the virgin cartridge format, you could record your programs favorite tv, I do not know if betamax had it, do not try, here is a sample that I still have a vhs from more than 20 years old, it is an LG diamond heads, I still have a movie, in the the one from scary movie 1 hahaha. With this count I will refer to play station 1, which has been one of the consoles that somehow came to revolutionize everything in video games, excellent video for the time, arrangement of 2 controls and the most spectacular thing that one is. I have imagined it had a memory of 8 mb removable where you could play your favorite games, mine was resident evil 1, a game madness so additive that it was impossible to stop playing. leaving last, but a moment does not mean that it is not important, maybe it is more important, let's talk about the walkman, for me he was one of my most faithful friends who had since you went out to the street and if you did not like the music that Around you could be heard, you brought out your walkman and you could listen to your favorite music, in my case I took out my scorpions cassette and problem solved. When modernity takes giant steps, it went from walkman to discman, something that brought disman to my generation was how a device gave you the opportunity to change songs with a single click without rewinding anything, the most modern ones brought a kind of protection that it was called antishock it was crazy and by the way listening to music from digital records was a great boom.
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Among us crochet (free crochet pattern)
#amor #mong us, a game with some kind of astronauts. My son watches songs from it on YouTube and since mom can do anything (ahem..) I went to work. Below you will find a pattern for a “large” 8cm crochet hook 2.5 or “small” 5cm crochet hook 2.5Great among us:Start with the legs make 2 take the color that will become your astronaut. 1. 6vml 2.2in1v 6x =12v 3.1v 2in1v 6x =18v 4.18v 5.18v 6.18v 7.18vHooking 2 legs together18t-primordialLight blue5l5v in 1l2v5v in 1lOther side loose chain 2v1v, 3x 2inv, 4v, 3x 2in1v, 3v20v20vBlack 20vBackpack9L 3vin1, 6v, 3vin1, other side loose chain 6v18v 7 revolutionsFlap8v 1l times, 8v 1l times, 8v 1l times, 8v 1l times, 8v 1l attach timesKSmall6v ml2in1v 6x = 12v3v 2in1v 3x= 15v15 already15v15v15v1v legs together 14v along 1 leg 15v along other leg =30v7 revs 30vDodeb1. 6vml2.2in1v 6x =12v3.1v 2in1v 6x =18v4.18fall5.18v6.18v7.18vHooking 2 legs together6 revs 36v36 trapBone12v2v 3sam 3x =9v9v1 popcorn stitch 8v1v 2sam 7v9v 3v Color change red 2in1v 9x = 18v