My personal experience

I love to talk. Along with other things, I like to talk about what is happening in the world, about the books, about my projects, about every day events. I also love to hear, so it´s nice to talk about the projects, the books and the events of my interlocutor. I also found this spirit on Yoors.

Sunday: my closest interlocutors are already on Yoors. I am interested in knowing about this strange world so I ask a question... Jee, I´m not interested in talking about Yoors, Yoors, Yoors all the time! Give me a break!

Monday: I feel I´m staying behind. Each time a little bit more. I have to do something about this. I don´t want to be stuck while all the others move forward. And on top of that I keep hearing about Yoors, Yoors, Yoors.

"If you can't beat them, join them." -the thought crossed my mind again and again - "If you can´t beat them, join them!

Tuesday: Suddenly, the world opened in front of me. Hearing about this world from the outside, gives no real clue to what it really is. I had to come in. I had to experience it. Only this way would I discover this reality. A reality made of new perspectives, new insights, new approaches. Every day I discover something different. Every hour, really. Every minute. And I always make new friends. A bunch of people to interact with.

So don´t stay outside. Come and give it a chance.