10 Useful Facts and Rules for Yoors Pools

Yoors Pools has been released on 9 Aug 2020. During these 5 days we have had plenty of time to test this out, thanks to all of you who have participated. Since then we have had 280 participants and 5 elections in total. And we've had quite some winners: 100 posts have received the daily pool prize in no less than 5 days. In just 5 days 147.216 Yoors Points has been divided between all the participants. The highest amount handed out was a total of 5412 YP (5 euro's). This is all excluding the Yoors Boosters. Congratulations to you, guys! Soon we will show you all the winners that were elected and leaderboards that were created. All in due time in the next #yoorsupdate.







Some people still have some questions about pools. I've seen some very good questions actually. To help others on the way, I've made a list of 10 useful facts ( some of them are rules) to know when you are participating during a pool or if you are simply planning to do so. Bookmark this post to keep this post close to you at all times.

1. A post needs a minimum of 10 votes a day and a minimum of  2 participants to win

A lot of people have asked why they did not win the competition, while they did receive the most votes on that day. To win, you need to surpass the minimum of 10 votes per day. Also the pool needs to have at least 2 participants to elect a winner. Competing with yourself is simply not possible and therefore not a fair fight for other pool contests.

In the leaderboards, tutorial steps you got at the start and on the pool-pages we mention the requirements for the winner and when they will be elected. You can check if you will become the winner of today by visiting the leaderboard on your page.

The leaderboard on the left indicates that the first post received 15 votes on that day.

If your post is highlighted (like displayed on the picture here on the left) that means that you will be the winner UNLESS someone else surpasses you before 22:00 GMT (Greenwhich Mean Time)

2. The entry fees are deposited into the pool.

Did you know that you can win back the entry fee that you paid to participate in a pool? How then? So, if someone participates for 10 days, They will pay an entry fee of 1000 YP (100 YP a day). These 1000 Yoors Points will be deposited into the pool and will be added onto the total. All the other participants including yourself can claim these back from the pool. Isn't that amazing? You might suffer no loss in Yoors Points at all as you might win back more than you paid.

Pools will continue to grow and shrink throughout time. Keep a pool alive by regularly depositing Yoors points in it! (Read Chapter 4). The Yoors Team has already kickstarted some of the most popular pools, we strongly encourage you guys to support them too.


  • Yoors Team gave hearts to the pool
  • Yoors members gave  hearts to the pool
  • Someone entered the contest and paid an entry fee
  • Someone chose the pool as beneficiary
  • Someone gave a heart to their own post


  • Yoors Boosters were handed out
  • Daily prizes were handed out

3. You win 10% of the pool as a winner

Let's do some calculations, shall we? You are participating in a pool of 50.000 YP.  Did you surpass the minimum of 10 votes and got the most votes on that day before 22:00 GMT? Then you will receive 5000 YP (5 euro's) as the winner of that pool. 

Do you want to know what the daily prize is gonna be? Simply multiply the amount of YP in a pool with 0.10. We've made it easy for you: check out the amount indicated with the medal icon by hovering over the hashtag.


4. You can deposit YP into pools yourself

By clicking or double tapping on the heart on a pool page you can deposit more Yoors Points into a pool. There is no limit to the amount of Yoors Points you can deposit into a pool. Motivate others by depositing Yoors Points into pools where you would like to see more content. Not enough content in #architecture ? Deposit some Yoors Points and motivate others to post. You can also create a new pool if it does not exist yet. Think about a nice hashtag you would like to post in? Search it in the search bar and deposit some Yoors Points into it.


5. When there's a tie, the post who got the last vote first, wins

The first person on the leaderboard is always the winner and will receive the full daily prize. Let's take an example to which two participants both receive the same amount of votes on the same day in the same pool.

Person A and B both received 10 votes before 22:00 GMT

Person A receives the tenth vote at 21:00 GMT
Person B receives the tenth vote at 21:30 GMT

Person A is the winner and receives the full prize.

6. Your post can win multiple times

Did you win on Friday, but you would like to win in the weekend too? No problem. There is no limit to how many days you can participate. Win twice, thrice or four times in a row with the same post in the same pool.

7. Pools are the advocates of original contentl

Pools strongly discourage copied content and piracy. It isn't fair to win a pool by using someone else's picture or article. How nice is it to win a large sum of Yoors Points, If you post original content and do not copy someone else's work without permission. By posting a post on Yoors you automatically agree with the Terms and Conditions, which state that it is illegal to copy content of others. If you do use someone else's work in order to promote them, you can mention them by name, by site or with the '@' sign. Better yet you can select them as Beneficiary if they have a Yoors account. All copyright claims will be redirected to the author of the post.


8. You can receive an unlimited amount of boosters, but they reset each day


There really is no limit of boosters that you can win on your post. You will get them as long as there's enough Yoors Points in the pool. For example, my highest booster so far was 320 YP from the #yoorsupdate pool! That means that 32 people gave a heart to my post after I actived Yoors Pools.

Boosters work like this:

  • At the first vote today, you get 10 YP extra
  • At the second vote today, you get 20 YP extra
  • ....
  • At the 10th vote today, you get 100 YP extra.
  • And so on...

They do reset each day at 22:00 GMT though. That means that they start back at 10 YP and start accumulating again daily.

9. Posts have content related to the pool

All posts that had  a pool or are participating currently in one need to have content related to the pool. Yoors is not strict about the preciseness of your topics. You can fiddle between the lines ofcourse, but think about this situation... If your post is for example predominantly about guitars and instruments, do not participate in pool #nature , but instead it's logical to participate in pool #music . Right?

10.  Visit the leaderboards

Leaderboards of a specific pool can be consulted by:
  1. Visiting a post that's currently participating in a contest.  On the top right hand corner, you will see the leaderboard sliding in. You can see the daily prize that the winner will receive on the top corner. Soon you will be able to look at the leaderboards of all the days.
  2. Visiting a pool page. For example music. On the top right hand corner, you will see the leaderboard, containing all the participants of that day sliding in
  3. Hovering over a  hashtag in text or in the menu on the left and by clicking 'View Leaderboard'. Hover over #stories for example and you will see the all-time leaderboard containing all the winners. Sort your attributes however you like: by date, by amount of wins or by title.