Game on!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You have seen photos of them...

But, the Yoors team has introduced videos to the platform.
So, now you can see them in action! 😁

Here is video footage of my Charlie and Gamorah swimming on New Years Day. I can't express my gratitude for this swimming pool enough. My dogs are truly living their best lives this Summer and this game can go on for HOURS. All day. It has even gone on into the night.

Hope you enjoy this video. I have blocked the audio so you don't have to hear me cheering the dogs on in my high pitched voice. 😂😂

A very big thank you to the Yoors team for adding the new video feature. Thank you for keeping this platform fun.

P.S. Prepare yourselves for a lot more doggie videos because, I have so much more to share.😁