#bestevangouda GOUDA you are beautiful! In 1143 the name Gouda is mentioned for the first time in a letter from the bishop of Utrecht. Around 1225 the Gouwe channel was communicated with the Old Rhine and the mouth of the Gouwe into the IJssel was enlarged to build a port. The castle of Gouda served to defend the port.

Utrecht, the city of shopping and university city, has a charm I could not imagine before arriving; And Gouda, the city known for its cheeses, but also for its cookies and its peculiar town hall. This is what we would see on our fifth day in Holland.

Gouda in Holland, is much more than a famous Dutch cheese. It's a beautiful city full of canals, a mini Venice cheese maker as I call it. It is situated about 20 km from Rotterdam and not far from Amsterdam, 75 km away. Visiting its cheese market and discovering the history of the famous Gouda cheese is what we all think we'll find in Gouda, but... do you know what other interesting things this beautiful Dutch city keeps?

Gouda, a city in the province of South Holland, has one of the most beautiful old hulls in the Netherlands, as well as beautiful buildings, centuries-old canals, great gastronomy, cozy terraces and wonderful shops. But not only that, it also has great leisure activities and great adventures to live as a family. In addition, it is a good city to travel by motorhome thanks to the Gouda motorhome area, a great municipal area.

Strolling through the streets of the old town of Gouda city is very nice and welcoming. Getting to know the alleys adjacent to the church and its small gardens is something totally relaxing and full of peace. Also, you should not miss following the narrow channels that intertwine throughout the old town. And if you follow them, you can stop at two beautiful typical Dutch windmills.

Finally, stroll through these streets notice that it is dangerous for your pocket, as you will discover many super nice craft shops and when not the street of fair trade shops, you should not miss visiting. So check out Kleiwegstraat and Lange Tiendeweg streets, and don't forget to also visit Lange Groenendaal and Korte Groenendaal streets, the first fairtrade street in the Netherlands, full of beautiful clothing, fair trade food and vintage furniture.

The Sint-Janskerk church or, translated, St. John the Baptist, is famous for its beautiful stained-glass windows. Without a doubt, it is one of the most emblematic monuments of Gouda. It has a 123-meter nave that makes it the longest church in Holland, Netherlands.
Gouda's icon, undoubtedly: its Town Hall, Stadhuis, Gothic style. If you tell a Dutchman Gouda comes to mind cheese and then his town hall. This Town Hall, whose construction dates back to 1450, is beautiful and spectacular. It is worth highlighting the chime of the façade that offers beautiful music to the visitor. In addition, it has mechanical figures that are animated and offer a beautiful show at two minutes of the hour o'clock and half. You can't miss it.

The cheese market, square mark

Surrounding the town hall of Gouda, we find the square of the cheese market. In this square you can find a wide variety of restaurants, cafes with great terraces and a very pleasant atmosphere all hours and every day of the year.

For those who want to see the cheese market, this is only held on Thursday, morning and afternoon in summer, from April to August. Currently Covid continues to celebrate the market but without all the show of normal cheeses.
The Waag

In this same square is the building of the weight of Gouda, the Waag, where the cheeses were weighed and where you can learn a lot about this dairy product so typical of Gouda and Holland.
The magic of the night of the sails in Mark Square

Those traveling to Gouda during the month of December should also know that there is the famous Night of the Candles of Gouda, bij Kaarslicht, every 13 December. A great celebration in which the City Hall and other historic buildings of the city light up with thousands of candles on their windows, while numerous Christmas choirs animate the streets. Magic, however, appears just when thousands of small lights are lit in the market square.
In the city of Gouda, Holland, there are also several interesting museums. We have the Museum Gouda, which houses fascinating objects from the history of Gouda and various options, the Stedelijk Museum Het Catharina Gasthuis, which exhibits Gouda art and crafts, and the Stedeljik Museum De Morian, a tobacco museum that had been a sugar refinery and subsequently a tobacco shop. Always visiting a museum helps you discover new things, highly recommended.
You can't leave Gouda without trying the siroopwaffels. You should know that Gouda is not only the city of cheese but also the siroopwaffels. A typical Dutch sweet originating and created here in Gouda.

Since 1989, the family business Van den Berg. Van Vliet has been baking the real Gouda syrup waffles with craftsmanship for over a hundred years, based on an ancient and secret recipe with its own unique flavor. A wonderful gift for the palate.

In addition to syrup waffles, they also sell other combined products, such as syrup waffle liqueur, syrup waffle cakes, chocolate syrup, etc.

Every Thursday at 3 pm there is a workshop for making your own siroopwaffels or waffles with translated syrup.

One of the most unique ways to discover Gouda is during a SUP tour through the most amazing canals of this Venice Dutch cheese maker. From the water you will see everything from another perspective.

You can make two different routes one hour or one of two hours. The two are very well signposted and they also give you a map.

The route whatever it is is very fun.. It's quite an adventure to go under the tunnels of the canals, sometimes very narrow. In some pieces you will laugh a lot at having to crouch so much that you will look like Amazon Indians hidden in a great adventure.

I think it's one of the activity we liked most about the whole trip through Holland. Gouda's canoe perspective is totally unusual, beautiful and exciting.

Whether or not you can pronounce it like a native, Gouda cheese is famous all over the world. It is actually one of the main and most important export products in Holland. Still, what many do not know is that Gouda cheese is not made in the city of Gouda itself, but in the villages and farms that surround the area, called the Cheese Valley as a whole. The name of the Gouda cheese dates from the Middle Ages. At present there are still approximately 300 Dutch farmers producing “boerenkaas" (farmer's cheese) in the region. The Cheese Valley is located between Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.
Since 2020, Gouda has one more and very spectacular attraction: the Gouda Cheese Experience. Much more than a museum, a unique, interactive, very fun and amazing experience for the whole family

We were surprised by the tour, long through various rooms, very enriching and didactic for children and adults.

Not only will you milk cows, you will taste the good Dutch fresh milk, but that you will learn to make the different cheeses, you will dress up with the clothes of Dutch folklore, etc... but you will learn that there are many types of Gouda cheese and that there are some that you die of how rich they are.
In Gouda you will find plenty of places to eat, where there will be no shortage of fries, fry, or typical croquettes there, kroketten or Gouda cheese. We highly recommend you to try its gastronomy. We were very surprised.

Anywhere you can't make a good fondue and here we enjoy a good one that we want to recommend.

The only place where you can enjoy regional meat and cheese dishes in a unique interior is Koeien en Kaas. Koeien in Kaas, located behind the Goudse Waag, was born from pride in Gouda cheese and passion for meat. The various fondues and cheese dishes are widely known from this place. Fondue is his star dish and no wonder.

Gouda is not known for its beach, but you can still relax on the urban beach GoudaFalt, on the banks of the Hollandsche IJssel River. Formerly it was an industrial land, but today it is one of the most modern and fun places in the city. Events are usually held regularly there and the Rederij poolside snack bar in Vrijheid is the perfect place for lunch or dinner. the beach in Gouda is possible.

As you may have seen within our 10 must-do recommendations in Gouda, there are some that are especially amazing to visit Gouda with kids.