Mystery Quilt 2018-1 - January #WinterseHexjes

Just after finishing the top of the 2017 Bonnie Hunter (Quiltville) mystery quilt, I discovered a new one:
Winterse Hexjes (Dutch for Wintry Hexagons).

One the one hand I absolutely don’t need another huge quilting project, on the other hand….

… I’m planning to join a quilt bee not too far from my home and I need a hand sewing/quilting project for that.

Of course I could take large basket with the King size quilt I’m hand quilting at the moment, but I prefer to take something smaller first. Just until I know what kind of group the bee will be.

I found this new mystery through one of the Facebook Quilt groups I’m following.

It is a quilt made of hexagons (hexies) and it will take approx. one year to sew.

If you use 1 inch hexies you’ll probably end up with a bed size quilt (approx. 150 x 200 cm / 60 x 78 inches).

The pattern is free if you register at this website, participants will receive a weekly e-mail with instructions (Dutch only, but with clear pictures).

You will be able to subscribe until the designer (Anne Liefs / Annelie Dikland) decides to close the registration period.

After registering, you receive the first weekly e-mail. Exactly 24 hour later, you’ll receive the next, and the others follow one by one every hour – until you are caught up.

In one of the e-mails you also receive the link to become member of a restricted Facebook group to share your progress – and of course enjoy all the other beautiful versions.

When I registered the week 5 mail had just been sent, so I had some catching up to do. I’m really happy with the 1 inch hexie punch I purchased a few years ago. Any scrap of (thin) cardboard can be used to punch templates. I use things like packing boxes of cereal, pasta, tea etc., card inserts in magazines - you name it.

I also use a standard hole punch to punch an extra hole so it becomes really easy to pop out the templates after sewing them together.

The name Winterse Hexjes suggests that the colors for this quilt will be blue/grey-ish, but I like the bright colors I have in my stash.

With absolutely no clue of what the final result will look like, I decide which color to use at the moment I get the next clue. I'm convinced the result will be stunning :-)

I managed to sew the first 4 weeks of clues in one weekend, and here I am right now:

What do you think of it?


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