10/02/2020... Abundance

In theUniverseisabundance- Yes. For everyone.
Equally, I find that difficult to translate into, for example, the poor countriesorAfrica. The only thing I can think of, and perhaps thisisnot right,isthat the HeadsorGovernment do not use the abundance for their inhabitantsorthe country. But I'm on a slope here, because I know too little about politics, except that I've heard the rumors. And this applies to several countries where poverty seems to prevail.

What you focus on, you attract. Also a tricky one by the way when I look at myself for example. I have some shortcomings, but I really did not deal with them in principle. Who wants to be hearing impaired? Not at least me. The point is, how I put my attention on it. Do I have restrictive thoughts on it (and I have such days), well believe me, I hardly hear anything. We can't escape the fact that things happen to us. We have something to learn, because that's what we choose when we're born. We don't know that choice anymore, but I 'believe' that here on earth we are going through a kindorlearning school to strengthen ourselves, to gain confidence in ourselves and to learn what we are allowed to learn to become a full-fledged Soul. We Souls make various trips to a life here on earth or elsewhere in the Universe. I believe that we live several lives. As a man or a woman. That gender-neutralisa nice word, whichisquite hip at the moment, but not so useful yet.
However, we possess Humans/Souls, both male and female energy. For example, male energyisthinking. For example, female energyisfeeling. Of course, we are far from being there with these two differences. But more about that another time.

I stray, it was aboutabundancewhichiseverywhere around us.
Now, for example, take money.
HowThinkyou about money combined with abundance? WhatFeelYou with money? Take the time to think and feel about it!

ThinkandFeelalways up to big or much. Then it becomes a lot.
If you alwaysThinkoritorfeelsthat you are short, in any area, then you are too short.

Have fun thinking and feeling in abundance!

Give it to yourself...