Been back from the road

Finally I'm back to the old familiar Yoors. Five years ago, I first signed up. Then I was only 14 years old and I was in second grade in high school. In the meantime, a lot has happened. Both in my own life and on Yoors.

High School

It's like blink twice. Time has gone so fast. In the beginning of the third grade, I had my first job. Twice a week I spent on my mother's electric bike medicine for the pharmacy. I thought I got paid to play sports. But when the winter months progressed, I was a little less enthusiasm about this job. Medicines must also be delivered when it rains and gets dark.

At the end of the third grade there was an opportunity to proceed to the HAVO or the VWO. With 70 points, I was just above the minimum to go to VWO and I took the chance. I do remember that other people were well above the minimum of 69 points, but still went to HAVO. They thought it was tougher and I thought it was incredibly stupid. Something I'd come back to later.

In fourth grade, not so much happened. In the fifth, yes. Then we did big stage and went on a foreign trip to Rome. In the sixth had I did final exam. Everyone already knew what he/she was going to do. I had no idea yet. I found so many things interesting and had been busy taking my exam and finishing my profile work. In the end, I didn't do anything except school.

Not that I was that bad. Absolutely not. I just had a lot of trouble with math and economics. I have dyscalculia, which is a kind of dyslexia, but for math. Besides, I have ADD, which is a kind of ADHD but in your head. So you can't see it from the outside, but inside it's very busy. It's like there's a washing machine on it. Thanks to all kinds of exam training, I ended up very relaxed in the exam because I knew I had done everything I could to pass. That's all I could do.

Eventually, I graduated with two fives in economics and mathematics, but otherwise all sixes and sevens. My combination figure, which was a 9 thanks to the 8 for social studies and the 10 for my profile workpiece, I never had to use in the end.

Intermediate year

Broken. That was me. Totally demolished. I needed the whole holiday to recover. To be honest, the last few years have not just been about rose petals. Several times I had burnout like phenomena. This is mainly due to the ADD.

This time it took a little longer and I still had not chosen a study, so I decided to take a break year. Originally the plan was to set up your own company and then travel. But it was quite different. I ended up working at a large international consultancy firm where my father also works. There I did data analysis of data that came in and then went on to the accountants. Relatively simple work, but well paid and 40 hours a week. And that at the age of 18 without education or any background. Most of the people there were around 25 and all had an acountancy background. I learned a lot and I am quite proud of that achievement.

I also started taking driving lessons. I had passed the theory earlier that year. Actually, I wanted to do a two-week crash course, but eventually it became 4 hours a week. That has been devastating on closer inspection. I also visited open days of universities and had study choices.

It was at one of those study choices when a thread snapped. I had to listen more to my gut was the advice. I'd never really done that before. Never before had I really dived in, into the depths of my heart. But I couldn't do anything else now. Everything fell into place. Why I felt like everything was going so hard, the long deep valleys and short steep peaks.

So many impressions and insights at once isn't good for the brain. Not even for a brain that's used to processing far too many stimuli per second. On weekends, I had a panic attack. Then another one at work. That was the sign for me to stop. I pulled the plug from the driving lessons and the study choices. I temporarily shut down the work. After an interview with the general practitioner, I was prescribed Ritalin and I was offered a series of conversations with a practitioner. That does a lot to your life.



As if it couldn't get worse, there was also the coronacrisis. Or maybe it was luck in an accident. Because now, like the rest of the Netherlands, I was able to recover in a controlled environment. I've been working an hour and a half a day, but from home. And administrative work instead of data analysis. I like it very well and I notice that I am in a rising line again. A rising line that is much more gradual for the first time.


Now that the measures for the coming months are known, we have a view to the future. I've decided to resign. That means that from July I can focus on what I've always wanted. Building a passive online income. It starts here on Yoors.

In addition, I chose my studies. Communication & Life Sciences in Wageningen. I'm really in the mood for that. I can't wait to go to rooms and the introduction week seems nice to me too. Hopefully it is still possible to go on holiday for a week.

In a cottage on the beach or on a sailing boat bobbing over the Frisian lakes.



Yoors has also changed a lot in recent years. The whole structure is modified several times. SEO optimization has been done. We're a whole bunch of Yoorsians or Yoorsies richer. The point system has been overturned. Yoors Ask Me Anything (YAMA) has come and gone. The function for a website on Yoors is getting more and more off the ground. An app will be developed soon. In short, the platform has grown enormously. It's great to see how patient and helpful the members are. Also my compliments to @henkjandekrijger that shows time and time again that not the adventurers and the money, but the members of the platform are the most important.

I have a strange habit of creating a new Yoors Account once every once in a few times. Then I have another project in my head and I want to set up a completely new blog for that. No need for anything, since here on Yoors you can share everything you want and make collections, but it usually goes like this. Probably that's why my original account has been deleted. Fortunately, I still had a few inactive accounts that I knew the passwords.

What you can expect here in the coming time is unpredictable. My head is sometimes like a loose projectile. It shoots in all directions.


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