Are you reviewing the world with us? Z

Are you reviewing the world with us?

John Green of 'Fault in our Stars' from the famous film has written a very nice book and we are just going to imitate his idea here at Yoors.

He reviews 'everyday' things.
He reviews this modern times. Or things and experiences from it.

A bit about his book:
I don't fail to see the irony in reviewing a book that's essentially all about reviews, but I was actually pretty surprised by this book. One minute he's talking about hot dog eating contests and Dr. pepper and the next he's talking about human loneliness and connection and life during a pandemic. It was actually really cool to read a book that talked about COVID and the struggles of living during a pandemic, this is the first book I've read that really talks about it. I also really enjoyed hearing ..

Anthropocene (noun): the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment.

And there is also a podcast
John Green reviews facets of the human-centered planet on a five-star scale.

He reviews our fascination with sunsets, You'll never walk alone (The song), Hot dog eating contests. Chemotherapy, Air Conditioning, Rock Paper Scissors, Velociraptors, Teddy Bears, penalty shootouts and much more.

So now it is you turn"

  1. Write, make a video or voice recording with a review from something you personally want to review.
  2. So NOT a review for a product or service !
  3. Give it 1 - 5 stars at the end of your review.
  4. Add the hashtag to your post : #reviewed you will receive a booster with every vote.
  5. Follow #reviewed to see all contributions.

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