Birthday without Grandma and Grandpa

This tough man has turned 13 years old today. Our youngest grandchild.

But yes you can't be there right now by corona.

This morning we put a gift in front of the door, we rang the doorbell and walked a bit backwards. He came with his parents at the door congratulations obviously without hugs unfortunately. Has unpacked his gift and was super happy with it. For a little while, he was, of course, engaged in schoolwork.

His mother put out two apple pastries for us. yummy. . . . .

Tonight 20.30 pm via Skype together coffee with pastries half an hour we were so ff. I'm really happy with this virtual age. Although I would have preferred to be there 1000 times personally,.

We have seen the whole club ff together again delicious!!

Stijn was driving his father's boat first Easter day and, yes, Mom and Dad were also in the boat.. My son won't give his boat to him yet. The oldest two children are allowed to. It's really nice sailing in Vathorst they can almost until Bunschoten is the last part I don't think open yet.

The whole family has been peppered in my son's love of ferry.hihi