Black Pete


On facebook now, of course, much is going on about Zwarte Piet and especially about the fact that it is actually put under the spell. Photos may no longer be shared. Black Pete must not be black anymore.

Now I was actually not going to write about it again, albeit not that a post from me (maybe a few years ago?) suddenly reached the 250 page views. Thank you for that, by the way. I haven't done anything to promote him myself. Didn't even remember I wrote it. It is about the following post.

I'm just pro Black Pete. It's part of my childhood memories. I changed my profile picture on Facebook in the photo of previous Sinterklaasintocht. I've done several trips with my little boy. Then half a year old. One of the entry was in Ommen with my father. The pieten there were all still black. Because they only came at dusk, they were also beautifully decorated with lights. They always arrive on the fight by boat. Last year, apparently, the boat arrived on the other side, so most of the people were there. But my father had read very cleverly that he was coming on the other side. It was very quiet on that side then. We had a nice opportunity to score pictures with the little one. I was completely ready with my camera when we had a piet on the hook to go with my little Daniel in the picture. I must honestly confess that I was actually expecting a picture with a child who was in tears and panicked. Because we don't really know any dark people. So thought he'd be terrified of it. But I never expected what he did. He kissed the Black Pete full on the mouth! Personally, I think he probably thought he could eat those bright red lips or something. But the picture remains one of my most favorite photos. He's so touching. Especially in this time when it is only said that Zwarte Piet is racism. I really don't see racism in it. But that's me. Daniel was also in the picture with Saint Nicholas. He didn't like that, by the way.


After the page views I wanted to share this. I'm not here to invoke discussions. I just think it's a beautiful image, with beautiful pictures. Just wish I had a phone with a better quality camera. But for me the pictures are no less beautiful. For me these are wonderful memories of Daniel's first Sinterklaasintocht.

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