Challenge: Never Done

Ten things I have never done:

1. Swim in a bath with piranhas (that would tickle and so)

2. Cuddled with a porcupine (although they look sweet)

3. The hair combed from an aye aye (these nocturnal animals are probably not very concerned with their appearance either)

4. A crocodile gave a kiss (for that the animal needs to brush its teeth first)

5. A whistling (would that be punishable?)

6. Jumped over a real goat (seems dangerous to me)

7. Carried my house on my back (I groan in advance)

8. Had an in-depth conversation with an earthworm (they are always so superficial)

9. An ice cream eaten with a polar bear (must be special)

10. A vegetarian meal shared with a lion (I miss that lion's courage)