Cheerful birds of clothespins

These happy bird friends like to sit together on a branch and prefer to sing cheerful songs together. That looks cozy! They are easy and quick to craft (even for young children). So quickly remove some wooden clothespins from the clothesline (or from the clothespin basket) and turn them into colored tropical birds!


  • Paint the clothespins in bright colors with eg Creall Top Deco
  • Paint in parts: first 1 side and 1 side, let dry, squeeze it (so you can still use the clothespin as a pinch) and then paint the other side with the other side. Creall Top deco dries super fast and is therefore ideal for this.
  • Put glue on the ends of the feathers and insert them between the pinch
  • From orange cardboard, cut a beak and paws and paste them on
  • Stick wobble eyes with a drop of glue and allow to dry for a while before putting the pinches on anything

Of course you can also make pink. orange or green birds, maybe purple with yellow dots! Make the birds nice and colorful and decorate them with washi tape, glitter stones and make nice branches, e.g. wrapped with nice colors of wool. They can sit on that. I can see it all in front of me! You too?

Set of 6 colors (price 16,95) - Creall Shop

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