Christmas in Deventer without Dickens feast

Every year here in Deventer is a huge gathering around the Dickens party. Unfortunately that could not continue this year but they have made something beautiful out of it.

Whether it's your taste or not, it does make the city come to life in a different way. My daughter wanted to take a look yesterday and scrooge was just present in the city. Beautifully lit as a statue.

The whole of Deventer contained large illuminated images, and this has been the case for a few weeks now. Despite the fact that there is no shop open, the city is still relatively busy. Plenty of space to walk and enjoy, but not enough to take pictures without others in the picture...



So this was Scrooge and so we also met a reindeer and a moose. Big Christmas trees, Christmas balls, ornaments you walk through and cozy atmosphere everywhere in the streets. Yeah, even a real market stall with waffles. (there it was so busy again that we could not do that unfortunately).