Coconut tree in Pekutatan on Bali 2010

Our last distant holiday was 7 weeks to Bali in 2010.

Yes if you just retired you can of course it was really a super holiday.

With our last stop we were 10 days in Pekutatan and have made a nice trip with the driver of the hotel.

Occasionally hot and banging, air conditioning was broken, so windows open and puff!!

On narrow roads through the rice fields... beautiful!!!!!!!

A piece walked for beautiful pictures and at Fred's command a photo stop.

We also got a stop for a coconut climb and pick demo. And it's really incredible how fast they climb into a tree.

And how quickly and conveniently they handle those big knives.

After that, the plucked coconut is chopped open and you can drink the juice and eat the coconut.

(we already experienced that 5 years ago)

And that is so delicious!!!!

Also very nice to have done it again. Was also very cozy with the men.

They also love it!!!!