Discretions... remarks and more...

Recently wrote @Henkjan de Krijger the blog: What's wrong with our Yoors?

This blog got me thinking about what's happening here and what I think about it.

As I type this blog, all kinds of things haunt through my chaotic head...

The thing I absolutely don't want is for people to feel insulted or personally attacked, but I really need something from the heart.

This writing is certainly not an attack on certain people here on Yoors, but an impetus to take a deep look at yourself.

I myself have been here for almost 4 years now on Yoors... that also means that I have already experienced a lot of innovation and changes. Because I'm not so fast at understanding how something works or what a new part does right, I always wait a while to get deeper into it and also have my personal concerns about it.. Sometimes that is negative, most of the time I find evolution positive.


Wat "Polish" betreft vind ik het zeker een leuk gegeven dat je per #hashtag can search on certain topics and probably find a pool in which your blog fits. What I find difficult is that there are so many pools that in my eyes it becomes very cluttered and that sometimes the pools are translated very strange, which makes you create very strange names of pools. Just think of the pool #herbcat which at a certain time #cruskbarrel became.


what #boosters Regarding I find the latest developments that you can set the posts or comments or both to distribute the booster a very good addition. I myself quickly found that you get a lot more response to posts on which a large booster hung. Where even people dared to send angry messages through other media channels because I did not give them a heart (with the same booster) but this aside.

There's actually a lot to tell about these same boosters.. What strikes me a lot lately is that there are people who can write on any topic that a high booster is attached to.. So they are apparently so well aware of everything that they can make six to seven blogs a day on a wide variety of topics. Unfortunately, most of the content is just copied and I think this is just to get a big reward. It's a pity because as a novice you are immediately buried with so many blogs from the same writers that the other blogs of fellow Yoorsians fall away a bit.


Is it because of the “bad" #translation or just because there is a need to respond to blogs as much as possible, I don't know, but some people really respond to everything that's posted with the most nonsensical answers. When a blog of mine that deals with my personal self responds that people do not know anything about that subject, for example I have my reservations. I'm willing to explain things or translate them as well as possible if you don't quite understand it, by the way, have done this a couple of times for people who asked me or who let them know that they didn't quite get it. But to really comment on every blog really doesn't have to be for me, I don't, I only respond if I have something to say about it or if I like what you've made, or if I really care about it.

It may also be useful to be able to indicate which languages you speak/write to your profile so that others can see it as well.


Nice, recently you can also see your number of followers on your profile.. Fine, but what I wonder is, “What am I with this? " When I see how many followers I have and how many respond regularly, this feels completely worthless to me

First, look deep inside yourself

And wonder why you're here on this platform...

Are you sitting here on Yoors because you have fun, good, interesting, unique,... and especially want to create your own content or you hope to become “rich" here quickly by posting as much as possible and also getting as much as possible by responding a lot? In the first case, I say fantastic, especially continue as you are doing. In the second case I say find another side merit because this behavior only causes Yoors to be broken soon.

Personally, I have already posted things about topics I didn't know much about, but then I look up things, read about them first and by the time my blog is finally finished, the booster will have been used up for a long time.. - Fun...

Tip from Dot...

Write and create content about things you know a lot about, what you have immersed yourself in, that keep you busy.. It's much more fun to read something personal than to see the many meaningless articles you find on other social media, copied here.

If you want to translate your content yourself and post it into Dutch, use a good translator (no advertising but Deeple works quite well).

Try not to see the boosters as fast profit. If I see what kind of posts are currently under #bestevangouda appear, I find that frankly embarrassing. I only know the cheese myself, but then I'm not supposed to use wikipedia to make a profit.

Try to specialize in certain topics and also go for your own style. For example, my blogs are often recognizable by the dots or by my avatar.

Blogging here on Yoors you have to do with your heart and not to make money out of it...