Lunchtip! Healthy salade

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Variation in lunch is important to me. So alternate bread with soup, salad, fish, vegetables, yogurt with muesli or a wrap.
I was always a real broodeter. For a couple of years ago I was sitting on 12 whole grain sandwiches a day. Recently on 5 spelled sandwiches a day. Currently 1 to up to 3 per day.
Previously, my sandwiches were much too much and often misinvested, such as sprinkles, peanut butter (by definition peanut butter is not unhealthy, but contains salt and too much is simply not necessary and healthy). So I traded my sandwiches for alternation with other lunch dishes.
So also today. I made a salad of arugula, romash lettuce, purlane, red onion, tomatoes, cucumber and a little feta cheese.
You can eat the salad just fine or you put it on a wrap. That's what I felt like for a little bit.
You can also add a slice of chicken fillet from the oven to the salad, but it can also be done without.

You share. We pay.