Fire season has begun!

A few days back, one lovely morning on the open sea. The wind blows southeast bringing warm air and a strange smell from our back. "Pull the anchor, pull out the fishing cane, our home is on fire!"

I looked behind my back - a big black cloud coming from the direction of our village Rogoznica meaning one thing - there is a fire burning, putting lives and houses in great danger. My heart broke instantly.

We start our engine setting our course in the home direction, hoping it's not near us, or at least that we have some time for pick up out things in the camping trailer and get the fuuuuuu*k out of there. My prayers were directed toward people who have to react fast to have 0 houses lost and 0 lives lost. We sailed in our bay, noticing that fire started on the opposite side of the bay, so we were not in direct danger. Soon there was an immediate reaction of firefighters! And of course, the firefighter's plane I got on the video for you!

He's collecting water and putting out the fire, protecting the houses and the rest of the forest!

This post was inspired by @rorocando's last post about Earth's condition! Thank you for raising awareness among others about a desperate need for protecting nature and Earth! Planet's our only home! Everybody's home! So change should start from that perception!

Thank you for watching and have a great day!

Scencenciurosly Yours,
Child of Nature #Childofnature #Croatia #fire
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