YLS: Give a ❤️ as a gift

The long-awaited update is here. Like @Henkjan de Krijger said previously , from now on there will be a more fun and improved way to vote for each other. YLS stands for Yoors Love & Support. For me, it doesn't matter what we call it: hearts, votes, love... 😂😂 What I think is important is that everyone understands that we can support each other tremendously through #YLS. In addition, there are a number of new features about which I will explain further in this post:

  • Topping up your YP balance
  • Yoors Notifications.
  • Yoors Messenger.
  • Recent posts from members you follow are ready on your homepage.
  • Keep track of what you already watched!

Hearts == votes

Do you like a post or a comment so good that you have to give it a reward ? Click on the heart and you give the author 10 YP of your own balance. Do you think the post or the response deserves more Yoors Points? Then you can immediately do this, by double-tapping the heart. You will then get a screen and here you can then indicate yourself how much you give to that person.

This modal can be personalized as the owner of the post. Double-tap any heart of one of your posts and get to see the modal. You can then change the title, subtitle, and text on the button. Make it something fun. This text will see anyone who is considering giving you more support

Each heart counts as one vote. The more votes, the more people will see your posts.

Top-up for your YP balance

Would you like to give more gifts to your fellow Yoors mates, but you don't have enough funds? You can now buy one of our YP bundles via the hamburger menu. You can pay with iDEAL or Paypal. Bundles start from 1 euro, so if you want to give a small rating, you can of course.

Yoors notifications

The old Yoors inbox has been renewed. It may be that you may not be able to see your old notifications any more. From now on, you'll never miss an update. Get notifications when you receive page views, supporter views, comments, hearts, etc. Also if there is a new Yoors update, you will receive it immediately. Click on the envelope in your navigation bar.

Yoors Messenger

It is now also possible to chat with your Yoors friends through the envelope in the navigation bar. This functionality is in beta and we constantly improve it according to the reactions we receive.


From now on, you'll first see members you follow on your homepage. So you only get to see what you think is relevant. If you decide to scroll through, you will still find the most recent posts. In the side menu on the left below you can see if you have viewed the most recent post of these members (blue dot). Click on this person to go directly to their new post.

Watch history

From now on, keep track of what you have already watched. Posts that have already been viewed (fully) by you will get a blue border. This is also in beta.

Greetings and have fun with this new update!

Have you detected a bug? Please report this under the button 'Report a bug' in the hamburger menu in your top right corner.