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Fifty shades of green: the Rain Curlew

The raincurl is a bird, which was best known to me for the book: “a flight of raincurls” by Maarten't Hart.

So when we were in Iceland, I had no idea which bird I was dealing with.

We called the animal: crow beak. That's how we had Goudkeeltje, but I'll come back to that in a later blog.

Do you already have an idea which bird is Goldthroat?? -)


The Rain Curl is a common bird in Iceland.

He breeds there, and travels to West Africa in winter to hibernate.

We've seen quite a lot of them.


Seeing the bird was not always easy, because, as you see in the photo next door, it is quite well camouflaged.

When the rain curl is in the grass, it is hardly noticeable.

But.. yet it's pretty easy to recognize.


It seems to be a proud bird that likes to be heard!

We enjoyed the singing of the animal several times, even very early in the morning.

As soon as the light turns out (and that's very early in the summer in Iceland (when we were there about an hour or a half three), the bird lets hear from it.

Mom and Dad keep in touch with each other, because of their beautiful vocals or shouting.

I recorded that vocals with my cell phone (sound on).!):

You understand: as soon as we had this bird in sight (on the video I saw it for the first time), I was in love.

What a nice sound!

Kromsnavel, the Rain Curlew is a bird that grows about 40 centimeters high.

It comes from the family beach runners and snips.

With its long legs he walks through the grass and along the gravel roads, looking for insects, frogs, worms, berries, seeds, spiders (yes, they have them in Iceland too, very hairy!), and grass.

There's plenty to eat for the animal, and they're doing well.

In Iceland, the bird is quite common.

In the Netherlands, you can meet the bird during migration: late April and mid-September.

According to Wikipedia, you're most likely to hit them at the end of April: then the cravings are more massive.



Say yourself: isn't it beauty, with a nice voice too??

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